12th International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues

The overarching theme of this year’s symposium is Law Embraces Change: Navigating Diversity and Innovation in Legal Systems”.

A photo of Koç University Tower taken by Zeynep Turasan

Koç University Law School and Law Club are pleased to announce the 12th International Students Symposium which will take place virtually on May 10-12, 2024.

Koç University offers a distinguished educational environment and engages in cutting-edge research on both national and global scales. By participating in this Symposium, you can connect with fellow students worldwide, deepen your understanding of international legal issues, and contribute to global conversations on law and diversity.

Beyond academic growth, the Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in meaningful dialogue and foster an international community dedicated to the values of law. We look forward to your participation and the enriching contributions you will bring to our international platform.

We invite paper proposals that delve into topics relevant to the theme across various fields, including but not limited to:

  • Legal Frameworks for Promoting Diversity in the Workplace and Society
  • Intersectionality and Inclusive Advocacy for Marginalized Groups
  • Reforming Traditional Legal Systems to Address Contemporary Issues and Expected Developments
  • Integrating Stakeholders into Public and Private Decision-making Mechanisms
  • Sustainability (ESG) Considerations & Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities
  • Advancing Human Rights in Business Practices
  •  Legal Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  •  Balancing Innovation with Ethical Principles in Legal Practice

The Symposium will be held in English. Students willing to present a paper are strongly encouraged to submit one. Submitted papers will be evaluated by the Steering Committee, composed of the Koç University Law School Professors. Selected papers will be presented on the student panels.

With this respect, Koç University Law School warmly invites speakers and participants from all over the world to our International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues to discuss a wide range of issues from a diverse perspective in a free, dynamic and innovative atmosphere. We look forward to your expeditious response and participation.

Call for Papers

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Save the Date

10-12 May 2024

Message from the Dean

Prof. Bertil Emrah Oder

“In the last decade, cross-border developments in law and legal education made necessary to discuss all kinds of legal issues from global perspectives in the classroom, workshops, seminars and conferences. Through rise of human rights concerns vis-à-vis security measures, humanitarian law, injustices and ramifications for rule of law, international business transactions or regional economic actors, legal scholars and students are obliged to find legal solutions globally applicable at different levels, i.e. local, national, regional or international. Global perspectives for law are now indispensable to develop a common understanding aiming at preserving universal legal values and consolidating real sense rule of law in different legal cultures. Affirming its dedication to global studies of law both in comparative, regional and international sense, Koç University Law School strongly encourages law students to participate in “International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues”. We believe that an international student conference will contribute to raise academic awareness as regards universal values of law and their conflict resolving effect. Please come and join us in Istanbul where this time not only the continents, but also global aspects of public and private law with law students meet.”